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Recommended R Values

An R-Vlaue is  the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. S & E Insulation uses premium materials to bring the highest R-Values needed to insure your home retains as much energy as possible.


When you increase the R-Value in your home, you decrease wasted energy and SAVE on energy bills as well as keep  your home free of drafts.

Recommended Specifications by Loose-Fill and Blown In Insulation Material

by the US Department of Energy

  Cellulose Fiberglass Rock Wool
R-value/inch 3.2–3.8 2.2–2.7 3.0–3.3
inches (cm) needed for R-38 10–12 (25–30) 14–17 (35–43) 11.5–13 (29–33)
Density in lb/ft3 (kg/m3) 1.5–2.0 (24–36) 0.5–1.0 (10–14) 1.7 (27)
Weight at R-38 in lb/ft2 (kg/m2) 1.25–2.0 (6–10) 0.5–1.2 (3–6) 1.6–1.8 (8–9)


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Zone Add Insulation to Attic Floor

Uninsulated Attic Existing 3–4 Inches of Insulation

1 R30 to R49 R25 to R30 R13

2 R30 to R60 R25 to R38 R13 to R19

3 R30 to R60 R25 to R38 R19 to R25

4 R38 to R60 R38 R25 to R30

5 to 8 R49 to R60 R38 to R49 R25 to R30

Wall Insulation: Whenever exterior siding is removed on an


Uninsulated wood-frame wall:


Drill holes in the sheathing and blow insulation into the empty wall cavity before installing the new siding, and

Zones 3–4: Add R5 insulative wall sheathing beneath the new siding

Zones 5–8: Add R5 to R6 insulative wall sheathing beneath the new siding.

Insulated wood-frame wall:


For Zones 4 to 8: Add R5 insulative sheathing before installing the new siding.

Recommended Levels of Insulation per EnergyStar

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